πŸ“– 🧠 Books that IMO are worth πŸ”—

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Read during another life on another planet

Adams is the universe master in this book.
Quite insightful reflections related to human conditions.
To be read at least one time.

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I personally read the Italian version --> Amazon link

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Fahrenheit 451

Read on August 2023

Fahrenheit 451 was written by Bradbury in 1953, it is amazing how much the mind of Bradbury ran 70years ago!

It is a book that talks about the importance of books and make readers think about nowadays society.

For many aspects, I was so impressed by the closeness to our society.

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Introducing MLOps: How to Scale Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Read on July 2023

IMO this a a wonderful book to understand what behind the prototyping of ML models, the continuous learning, the data governance, bias and laws.

I read it during a flight back from Ecuador while everyone were sleeping and my mind was fliying like the airplane.

While I was reading it, I immediately thinked of some really interesting projects that I could startup in this sector.

Super suggested if you already are familiar with devops stuff and a basic knowledge of what behind a ML algoritm. I personally followed in the last years some basic pratical course on how to build some ML models using python, how to train it, maintain, use and so on.

With this book you will put together these things.

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The First Minute: How to Start Conversations That Get Results

Read on August 2023

IMO an interesting practical book to remind us how to not manage conversations in a professional place.

Well, it was not a book that illuminated me and drastically changed myself but it carrys some very interesting practical examples (with exercises) on how to manage conversations in an efficient way.

It covers both speaking and writed conversations (ex. email).

All employees of every company should read this book to understand how it is dangerous NOT following what this book is saying.

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La caffettiera del masochista. Il design degli oggetti quotidiani

Original language: Link

Read on April 2022

I read the italian edition and it was amazing. This is a wonderful journey on daily human experience. Through this book you will be able to understand how many daily tools have a bad design and why.

It helps people to understand that most time, the problem, is not on user side but on design side.

This book helped me also on my daily IT work to rethinkg some stuff considering good design practices.

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Born to run

Read on May 2022

β€œIf you don't have answers to your problems after a four-hour run, you ain't getting them.”

Super athletes, deep dive to the most hidden tribu, the most extreme race in the world....

I simply loved this book.

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L'arte di correre

Original language: Link

Read on January 2022

Wonderful and passionate journey where I found a lot of similarity with my personal life.

As Muramaki tell, in order to be constant and reach personal goals in the running we need an huge self discipline which the same running practices could train itself.

At the end, running is a proved way to balance our daily life which could be for the most of the hours static.

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L'ascesa degli ultra runner

Read on September 2021

Original edition -->

The writer's journey to the most famous ultra trail running race, the UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc) 170km with 10'000m positive elevation gain.

The proof of the power of our mind. Simply Wooow.

β€œOnce you descend into that dark place out on the trail, where everything is crashing down around you, you need to find something real to keep you moving. It could be love or pain, but it has to be real. It certainly won’t be Facebook likes.”

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Designing Distributed Systems: Patterns and Paradigms for Scalable, Reliable Services (English Edition)

Read on September 2019

IMO it's the right way to approch distributed systems and the main orchestrator Kubernetes.

Reading this book you will understand what behind a complex orchestrator like kubernetes and why we need it.

You will also learn (it was my best part) distributed design patterns which are basically the bricks that we all must know to understand and manage as better as possibile a fleet of kubernetes clusters.

Brendan Burns is one of the Kubernetes founders.

After this book I wrote 2 blogs posts:

I putted below the Amazon link but here you find the PDF version from FREE (legal) -->

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