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[k8s] kubernetes events logger

Cluster administrators usually need to collect Kubernetes events to allow a better troubleshooting. By default Kubernetes does not stream these logs on regular STDOUT, "k8s-event-logger" tools comes exactly for this reason!
[k8s] kubernetes events logger

Events in Kubernetes are a very important information to query while troubleshooting as a cluster administrator.

Unfortunately Kubernetes events are API objects and are available only for 1h more or less.

These events are usually retrievable using

kubectl get event

Collect these log events

k8s-event-logger tool simply watches Kubernetes Events and logs them to stdout in JSON to be collected and stored by your logging solution, e.g. fluentdfluent-bitFilebeat, or Promtail.
Other tools exist for persisting Kubernetes Events, such as Sysdig, Datadog, or Google's event-exporter but this tool is open and will work with any logging solution.

Read more here --> https://github.com/max-rocket-internet/k8s-event-logger

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