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[FinOps] Intra Kubernetes cluster cost visibility

Who pays for shared resources? This is a gold question in every shared/multi-tenancy Kubernetes cluster.. Today I'll report a couple of crispy tools to deal with that.
[FinOps] Intra Kubernetes cluster cost visibility


Kubernetes is become the platform-centric brick inside most IT infrastructure.
And to avoid the proliferation of too many distributed Kubernetes clusters, some organizations started a multi-tenancy / shared strategy.
So, basically, less Kubernetes clusters to manage but more challenges on:

  • resource isolation
  • cost visibility

Focusing on the second point, I'd like to report a couple of really useful tools in order to start getting visibility of cost with a breakdown also to namespaces, both compatible with major cloud providers.


OpenCost is the opensource and free solution by KubeCost.
They both are certified by FinOps foundation, see the FinOps landscape --> https://www.finops.org/landscape/
UI, API and CSV export available
Easy installation with Helm chart

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