Crispy Tech Tips

(without oil)

"Crispy Tech Tips" wants to alleviate the complexity (or trying to make an illusion of that which is acceptable as well) of nowadays' IT world through some pocket-sized hilarious hints.

The frequency of tips will be directly proportional to the resourcefulness of any engineer anywhere in the world.
It could be at any time in any days of the week.

Good luck.

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[k8s] kubernetes events logger

Cluster administrators usually need to collect Kubernetes events to allow a better troubleshooting. By default Kubernetes does not stream these logs on regular STDOUT, "k8s-event-logger" tools comes exactly for this reason!

[k8s] resource and cost optimisation with kube-green

Gone are the days when we had our applications always up&running. Cloud providers gave us a lot of elasticity, but without a mind change all this magic world will soon become a hell.

[GCP] Google Kubernetes Engine autopilot

GKE autopilot is the Kubernetes solution by Google for who wants to run pods and nothing else while having in the meantime a Kubernetes feeling!

[k8s] Setup timezone on cronjob

Standard time and daylight time have been a nightmare for cron configuration in Kubernetes. Fortunately it is an old nightmare thanks to the cronjob .spec.timeZone configuration

[FinOps] Intra Kubernetes cluster cost visibility

Who pays for shared resources? This is a gold question in every shared/multi-tenancy Kubernetes cluster.. Today I'll report a couple of crispy tools to deal with that.

Kubernetes free playground with kodekloud

easy proof of concept, presentation, education, hobby.. whatever the need is, you can use kodekloud's public playground to run for free a specific Kubernetes version.

Compare helm chart versions on ArtifactHUB

Helm charts, helm charts everywhere! And what about changelog of helm charts?!? Unfortunately this is NOT an old nightmare :D but comparing different versions on artifacthub could make the nightmare less scary...

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